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    FilmNetworki, a soapbox to headhunt unique dynamic talent. Collaborate and create work through Film, Animation and Television and Audio with artistic freedom and professional transparancy.

    Create a visually striking, searchable, distinct profile page. Showcase what exactly is unique to your skillset. Quickly add videos, photographs and direct links to your online material including Cv and other social networks.

    "FNi is a brilliant initiative, which will make networking with the right people much easier for the entire spectrum of film professionals in Ireland" - SDGI ( Screen Directors Guild of Ireland - www.sdgi.ie )

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    This website was designed to aide with the mechanics of the new wave of digital independent film and music production.

    FilmNetworki has been a vechicle for emerging / established talent for two years now and we will also launch our drop in monthly Sundays, to network face to face and screen work over a coffee in an informal environment.

    You can contact us directly via info@filmnetworki.com on our Facebook Group or via our Facebook Page or alternatively follow us on Twitter.

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    As we continue to grow as a service, we strive to promote the idea of career enhancement, excellence in film-making and storytelling through the meeting new people, hands out and mind open through the love of Art, human interaction and the visual medium.

    With the influx of cheaper digital filmmaking, It has created a whole new wave of wonderful storytellers and film-makers. It has never been more achievable to make something Important, something relevant and something interesting.

    Artistic integrity, professionalism and career enhancement are paramount to the concept behind this venture and the success of therein. By Joining this website I am open to the possibility of collaboration with a complete storyteller.

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